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Experience the city of Emmerich and the surrounding area

Here are a few tips if you are looking for beautiful destinations that can be reached by bike:

Most tourist sites in the Netherlands are also in German. A tourist office in the Netherlands is usually called: "VVV kantoor" or just "VVV".

P.S.: The tourist office of the city of Emmerich will be happy to help you plan tours and can be reached at https://www.wfg-emmerich.de, but also by phone at 02822-931034. Cyclists can download the new cycle route guide: Fietsetürkes and an overview of the junction system here free of charge.

With us you can easily plan your vacation. Ask us for information about our region or click here for very nice tours on the German side of the Lower Rhine.

If you are looking for more information about our beautiful neighboring Dutch region, the Achterhoek, you can find it here

If you want to go to the big city, you don't have to drive long to the provincial capital Arnhem or the university town Nijmegen.
All information about the two city regions can be found here and here.


Further information for the German side of the Lower Rhine can be found at:

District town of Kleve: www.kleve.de/stadt-kleve
Kleve is the town of Lohengrin with the Schwanenburg.

City of Kalkar: www.kalkar.de/de/dienstleistungen/touristik-information/
Kalkar impresses with its medieval center and surroundings

City of Xanten: www.xanten.de/de/tix/tourismus-freizeit/
Xanten is the Roman city, a destination you will not regret.

City of Rees: www.stadt-rees.de/tourismus-freizeit/
Rees is probably the oldest town on the Lower Rhine, but the town, like Emmerich and Wesel, was almost razed to the ground in World War II and was never restored. Nevertheless, the old city wall, Rhine promenade and other things can be seen and enjoyed there.


The right bank of the Lower Rhine near Emmerich and Rees borders on the Netherlands, in particular on the beautiful landscape of the Achterhoek.

A great landscape with very good bike paths, water, old Hanseatic cities like Doesburg and Zutphen and lots of culinary delights. Here are some websites, all of which can also be translated into German:

https://achterhoek.nl/home / vvv-montferland.nl/ / www.vvvdoetinchem.nl

https://www.vvvzutphen.nl / https://www.bezoek-doesburg.nl/ Toeristisch Informatiecentrum 't Gelders Eiland

You can find information about the university city of Nijmegen and the provincial capital of Arnhem in the Netherlands at: www.visitarnhem.com and www.visitnijmegen.com

By the way, in Arnhem you will find the “Burgers Zoo”. A special zoo with underwater world, tropical house, desert house and safari park. www.burgerszoo.nl


We look forward to you!